Froch beats Pascal wants Calzaghe

on December 8, 2008 by Administrator

So Carl Froch once more is calling out Joe Calzaghe to try and tempt the Welshman into a fight. Froch (24-0) won in impressive fashion over Jean Pascal (21-1) on Saturday night in front of his home fans at the Trent FM arena and yet again all he wanted to talk about was Calzaghe.

After the fight, the Nottingham based fighter who took the WBC Super-Middleweight belt by winning the fight spoke with ITV at Ringside:

"I’ve got the title he vacated and if he wants it back he can come and get it."

"But realistically I know he wouldn’t drop down to super-middleweight and I don’t really want to go up to light-heavyweight so I’d compromise and meet him at a catch weight of around 172lb.

"It’s the fight all of Britain wants, they’ve seen what I can do and they’ve seen what an exciting boxer I am."

Well I’ll tell you this Carl – until Saturday only the most hardened boxing fan had ever seen you fight. Even after Saturday many people hadn’t due to the fact there was a huge Sky Box Office bill on at the same time which included the Oscar De La Hoya v Manny Pacquiao fight.

It isn’t a fight that all of Britain wants, it is a fight you and your promoter want. You are right that Calzaghe is unlikely to drop to 168 and he is currently fighting the big stars in superfights. Do you think HBO are interested in you Carl Froch? I doubt it somehow.

You don’t go from a Jean Pascal straight to the #2 p4p guy in Calzaghe. The chances of the Welshman and the Englishman meeting are slim to none as the timing is just off. Calzaghe is probably going to retire and if he doesn’t then he’ll fight someone that can only improve his legacy and no offence Carl, you aren’t that man.

So if you face a Jeff Lacy or Mikkel Kessler next you should be stoked as they’ll be good tests. Your chin withstood a barrage of shots on Saturday night and for that you must be applauded but the fact that Pascal detonated so many shots plush on your chin must be a concern to you and your training staff..

Calzaghe would take Froch to school but what does Froch have to lose in constantly calling out Calzaghe for the fight? Not a great deal because if Joe calls his bluff then it’ll be the biggest fight of Froch’s career and even if he loses, losing to a stonewall great and Hall of Famer is nothing to be downbeat about.

A good night for Froch no doubt but if he thinks he’s going to needle Joe into accepting a fight then he has another think coming.

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