Maccarinelli keen to join Ultimate Fighting Championship

on December 11, 2008 by Administrator

The President of UFC UK, Marshall Zelaznik, has revealed that top boxing star Enzo Maccarinelli is keen to turn his back on boxing and join the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

The UFC is the most famous brand promoting mixed martial arts. It sees competitors using moves from disciplines including kickboxing, wrestling and boxing, whilst fighting in a cage designed in the shape of an octagon.

There have been numerous reports doing the rounds in the boxing world recently that Maccarinelli, who is twenty-eight years of age, believes that he could easily knock out Michael Bisping, a true legend in the UFC.

Zelaznik revealed that Maccarinelli’s representatives contacted the officials of the UFC in order to discuss the potential for the boxer to make a move. However, the president continued to state that "the UFC is not the place for a novice mixed martial arts fighter”.

Furthermore, the boxer has previously been rather patronising towards the sport. Last week he stated that he would “never rule out putting a pair of the little mitts on and going in the cage”.

However, whilst he admitted that boxing remains his number one priority, he did express a personal interest in UFC and mixed martial arts in general, and rumours have been increasing in intensity ever since.

Opinion is split as to whether Maccarinelli would succeed in the sport. Zelaznik believes that he does not possess enough all-round talent and experience to be successful, and brushed off speculation that the boxer would be able to knock out Michael Bisping. However, the boxer has trained in kickboxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, so it would be unwise to rule him out completely.

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