Training advice

  • If you have not previously embarked on an intense exercise regime, ask your doctor for advice.
  • Training to become fit for boxing can be different to attaining a general level of fitness. As boxing matches involve short and intense bouts of exertion, with brief rest periods, your training regime should mimic this. Try linking two minute periods of rigorous exercise with 40 to 60 seconds of rest.
  • Stamina and cardiovascular fitness are very important too, so finding time for running can be beneficial to your general fitness.
  • Keeping your muscles in peak condition is important so that they do not let you down when you need them. To keep them healthy and strong, weight training is essential. Repetitions are the key. Find a weight which, after thirty to forty repetitions, you feel pushed. Increase the weight you are lifting as they become easier lift.
  • Power, agility and stamina are central to the sport, but technique must not be forgotten. Take time to slowly perfect your aim and position, and increase to fight-speed only when you are happy with every punch.
  • Warming up and stretching off your muscles is very important, especially when you are embarking on a new and intense exercise regime. Do not cut corners, or you will regret it the next day. Bad preparation can lead to injuries and can set you back in the long term.