How to get involved

  • If you a serious about taking up boxing, it is a good idea to find yourself a trainer. Professional tuition can be expensive but even a one-off introductory session with a trainer will give you a flavour of the sport. You can then decide if you want to take things further.
  • Boxing can be dangerous, so it is important that you ensure your trainer has insurance and a solid training background. Better still, try to find someone who is certified by an established boxing organisation.
  • Finding a trainer is a job which should not be rushed. The ideal candidate will be able to advise you on nutrition and lifestyle as well as techniques and equipment. The relationship between boxer and trainer should be one of mutual respect.
  • Recommendations are often the best way to find someone suitable. Remember to do your research – check out other clients and find out his or her experiences as well as references.
  • Boxing gyms can point you in the direction of a trainer. These are gyms dedicated to the sport, and the exercise, fitness and practice required to excel. These specialist gyms can also offer advice, and going to a gym regularly is a great way to meet and train with boxing enthusiasts of all levels.

Look here for a comprehensive list of boxing gyms in England.

If you are just starting out in boxing and live in England, it is worth getting in touch with The Amateur Boxing Association of England Ltd for advice and information of clubs in your local area. The ABAE can be contacted at this address:

The English Institute of Sport
Coleridge Road
S9 5DA
Telephone: 0114 2235654

Those who are interested in boxing in Wales should have a look at this list of specialist gyms. For detailed information about boxing in Wales, profiles of boxers and the latest news, look at the Welsh Warriors website.

The Scottish Boxing website is a very useful and informative place to get information on local boxing clubs in Scotland, with a list of full contact details and a discussion forum to swap tips and advice.

Those living in Northern Ireland can contact the Independent Boxing Association of Ireland.
Abbey Street Gym
Abbey Street
Bangor, County Down, BT19
Northern Ireland
Telephone: 02891462078

For advice about getting started as a boxer in Northern Ireland, and progressing in amateur boxing, try the Ulster Prov. Council, Irish Amateur Boxing Association
10 Tonagh Heights
Derry, BT45 7DD
Telephone: 028 79628450